Shrewbert in the middle of this photo op with the cast and moviegoers at the Honesdale, PA showing of Killer Shrews!

Ken and Liz with Shrewbert at the premiere.



Shrewbert is the only known life-sized replica of a Killer Shrew from the original 1959 film. Combining the coon hound body and costume with the puppet head, Elizabeth Houlihan and Ken Cosentino were able to recreate Ray Kellogg's original creation and, for the first time, show both forms of the original Killer Shrews forged together into one ghoulish monster! Whenever possible, the creators of Attack of the Killer Shrews! bring Shrewbert on the road with them to screenings. Shrewbert loves to meet his fans and take pictures with them, just remember to use the hashtag #Shrewbert if you are lucky enough to see him out at an event!