Professor Charles T. Perry
Distinguished PhD and man of many accolades, the professor is hosting a party for the publishing of his latest book, "A Symposium of History's Greatest Scholars". The night is turned upside down when the professor's party guests and others are hunted one by one by Killer Shrews. An old, salty, pipe smoking, shotgun-toting BAMF.
Portrayed by Jonathan Rogers in his acting debut.
Fiona Rae
World famous B-movie actress, Fiona is known for films such as "Tomb of the One-Eyed Weasel" and "The Thing From Nantucket". She finds herself face to face with ravenous Killer Shrews, monsters reminiscent of the ones in her films. She stopped by her friend the professor's party while she was in town filming a movie. A stuck up, voluptuous, scream queen of the silver screen. 
Portrayed by actress Elizabeth Houlihan in her award-winning performance.
Sheriff Martin Blake
High school drop out and all around good guy... that's what Martin's friends say about him. He ran for town sheriff unopposed and almost lost. Along with his psychotic deputy Wayne (who is also his cousin), Martin is the first line of defense against the Killer Shrew invasion. A goofy, lovable guy who probably shouldn't have a gun.
Portrayed by Bill Kennedy.
Lewis Fontana
A sleazy small-time agent, Lewis only pretends to care about the professor's new book so that he can steal the contents of the professor's safe. Although Lewis really only cares about himself, he was somehow able to convince a beautiful girl to accept his proposal, and he spends plenty of time trying to make sure she doesn't end up "Shrew chow".
Portrayed by Marcus Ganci-Rotella.
Blonde bombshell with more body than brains, Cassandra believes that she will soon be very rich when she and Lewis run away with the professor's money. Her yearning for the Bermuda sun is all that keeps her going during the tremendous onslaught of Killer Shrews.
Portrayed by Cheryl Szymczak.
Not much is known about the mysterious Mr. Wilkens. He comes from Scotland, he owns an old saw mill at the edge of town, and he's dealt with giant Killer Shrews in the past. He might be the only person who knows what's happening and how to stop it.
Portrayed by Bill Brown.
Dr. Murdock
The man who started it all. Was it an accident? Or is Dr. Murdock a deranged psychopath bent on dominating the world with an army of Killer Shrews? One thing is for certain: He has a hilarious accent.
Portrayed by Mick O'Keefe.
A one man army, Wayne is the Sheriff's deputy (and also his cousin). He has an arsenal of vehicles and a serious case of road rage. A bit unhinged, Wayne gets the job done right with the least amount of resistance... usually destroying everything in his path.
Portrayed by Baird Hageman.
Captain Frost
When the mayor orders in the army, Captain Jack Frost becomes top dog. His orders: Exterminate the infestation before it spreads... at all costs. There will be casualties, and that's just how Captain Frost likes it.
Portrayed by James Ventry.